The S-ROV underwater vehicle platform is customizable with technological modules as sensors, lights, cameras…

ROV accessories

Our technological modules adapt to the S-ROV vehicle platform and can be retro-fitted to most ROVs and AUVs.

Camera Case
TMI-Orion Electrical Linear Actuator

Underwater tools

Our tools for underwater operations include: an Electrical Manipulator Arm, an Electrical Linear Actuator and an Electrical Rotary and Electrical Actuator.

About us

TMI-Orion Dynamics offers solutions for measurement and operations in underwater environments.

The TMI-Orion S-ROV underwater vehicle platform and related module accessories like sensors, cameras, lights, grippers, are professional systems dedicated to ocean science and sea industry technologies.

A portfolio of underwater tools allows a number of operations in deep water: multi axes Electrical Manipulator Arm, Electrical Linear Actuator and Electrical Rotary and Linear Actuator.

Among multiple applications, our products meet the needs for:

  • Underwater video inspection
  • Undersea film and video
  • Oceanology, hydrology, archaeology, environmental studies
  • Dam survey and inspection
  • Naval structure survey and inspection
  • Offshore energies and telecom
  • Aquaculture operations…



Musée sous-marin du Pays de Lorient (Underwater Museum of the Pays de Lorient).

Institut sous-marin du Seaquarium du Grau-du-Roi (Underwater Institute of the Grau-du-Roi Seaquarium).

TMI-Orion Dynamics is a Business Unit of TMI-Orion which specializes in the development and manufacture of autonomous embedded data loggers for harsh environment.